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Be Around You



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 Be Around with SERAPHINA.

SERAPHINA: is linked to celestial beings called seraphim, embodying a beautiful and ethereal quality often associated with grace and celestial imagery. The name has found popularity in the modern world for its unique and timeless appeal, transcending cultural boundaries.

SERAPHINA is made of natural strawberry stones, glass beads, grey agate and moonstones integrated with tiny glass and nacre stars. The metal parts are 14 and 18K gold filled.

Length: 46 cm (customization by request)

Each jewelry is handcrafted in Germany and unique, therefore your piece will vary slightly from the one pictured.

The pieces are made to order to reduce waste as possible. Please allow 5-10 days for production and dispatch. If you wish an earlier shipping, please get in touch.

Caution: Jewelry is not intended for Children under 3 due to delicate and small parts.

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