Kategorie: HARANA Collection

Unveil the magic of "HARANA" with our Jewelry Collection—a harmonious fusion of romance deeply rooted in Filipino culture. Infused with the spirit of serenades, this collection showcases jewelry pieces adorned with baroque freshwater pearls, ceramic pieces, symbolic hearts, and stars, with a color palette that captures the sentimental journey of love in the Filipino tradition of "Harana."


"Explore the cultural heritage of 'Harana,' a Filipino tradition that harmoniously blends the art of courtship with the soulful melodies of love. Picture a suitor, entranced by the moonlight, passionately singing with a guitar beneath the window of his beloved. This romantic practice, accompanied by the gentle notes of love songs, revives during special occasions, infusing the air with an atmosphere of love and connection. 'Harana' beautifully reflects the profound Filipino heritage, where expressions of love are intricately tied to the rhythmic serenades played on a guitar."